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Fighting Fire (Reno in Flames #1)

He’s a part-time single dad. She’s the partner who’s secretly loved him for years. When an accident threatens their lives, will they give in to passion?

Dances with Fire (Reno in Flames #2)

He’s a military veteran plagued by nightmares. Her dance studio went up in smoke (along with her dreams). Can a fiery dance bring them together?

October Fire (Reno in Flames #3)

He thought he was over her—until she walked back into his life. She’s shocked to find her nerdy childhood friend is now a sexy firefighter. Can she convince him to model for the calendar?

Firestorm (Reno in Flames #4)

She’s a woman in a man’s world. He can’t seem to help his chauvinistic ways. But when she pulls him from a fire, can he turn over a new leaf… and maybe even find love?

Fire Resistant (Reno in Flames #5)

He’s gotten every woman he wants—except her. She refuses to be distracted by the sexy firefighter assigned to her crew. But when danger comes calling, how long can she resist the heat?

Calling the Curveball (Lawson Family #1)

His dreams were shattered. She’s just looking for a pleasant distraction. Can a summer fling turn into more?

Protecting His Heart (Lawson Family #2)

Ian escaped his past—or so he thinks. Rachel doesn’t dare accept help from the handsome cop. He vows to protect her, but at what cost to his own heart?

Accidental Rockstar (Lawson Family #3)

Danielle doesn’t want the job babysitting the ‘spoiled’ rock star. Ben’s not thrilled with the arrangement either—but he’ll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. It’s just business… until it’s not.

The Longest Run (Lawson Family #4)

Wheelchair-bound ski racer Chris is focused on the Paralympics. Carly’s never wanted more than casual. Will she risk her heart to help him win?

A Better Forever (Lawson Family #5)

When his wife discovers his shameful secret, his "perfect" life comes crashing down.

Ranger's Destiny (Army Ranger #1)

Commitment-phobic Army Ranger Cory Foster is unprepared for his little sister’s emergency—and his reaction to Doctor Maddy Wright—while his buddy and quintessential “nice guy” Chase Richards is in danger of violating the Bro Code when he’s tasked with looking after Ella…

Ranger's Sacrifice (Army Ranger #2)

Army Rangers Cory Foster and Chase Richards fought for their country. Now they have a new mission. Are they willing to fight for the women they love, even when it’s one of the hardest things they’ve ever done?

Ranger's Honor (Army Ranger #3)

In the awe-inspiring climax to the Army Ranger series, Chase struggles to adjust to being an amputee, while Cory’s war wounds are not as visible (but no less crippling)…

Mercury Falling (Road to Romance #1)

Waking up in Lucy's E.R. might be the best thing that ever happened to this former foster kid. But can he leave the club life behind?

What Happens in Sturgis (Road to Romance #2)

Vince shared a little too much with his new coworker, and now Tori’s on a mission to change his opinion about… well, kissing!

CrossOver (Road to Romance #3)

Someone's determined to keep Gabby off the racetrack. Vaughn will need more than his mad mechanic skills to keep her safe…

Rumble (Road to Romance #4)

When reformed bad-boy Lazarus agrees to help single-mom Nora, will he inadvertently put her in danger? Can she restore his faith in people… and love?


He chose the military over her once before. Now he’s injured and needs her help. But it’s not just her heart on the line this time…

True Surrender: a Military Romance
Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 3.40.16 PM.png
Numbers Game (and other erotic short stories)

A collection of irresistible, spicy tales featuring couples turning their fantasies into reality.
Intended for mature audiences. Contains explicitly sexual material. Available exclusively at Radish.

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