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CrossOver (Road to Romance #3)

Someone's determined to keep Gabby off the racetrack. Vaughn will need more than his mad mechanic skills to keep her safe…


A tattooed motorcycle master…

Harley-Davidson mechanic Vaughn Rogers is not exactly thrilled when his boss asks him to work on a motocross bike. His preference is shiny chrome and big bikes, not little bitty dirt bikes. But the pixie-girl with the little bike adds up to one big attraction.


She’s not his sweetheart…

What Gabby Johnston lacks in height, she makes up for with her fierce competitive spirit on a motocross race track. But now, a series of problems with her beloved Kawasaki has her father calling in a favor with Vaughn’s boss. Sure, sparks fly when Gabby’s around Vaughn, but she’s more interested in what he can do with sparkplugs.


From sweet to heat…

Vaughn’s kissed dozens of women without it meaning anything, but one touch of Gabby’s lips gets his motor running like never before. But no matter what he tries, Gabby’s bike isn’t responding with the same fire as its sweetheart of an owner. Everything’s on the line: Gabby’s shot at a national racing team, the last of the family money, and Vaughn’s credibility. After a terrifying incident, it looks as if Gabby’s life may be in danger, too. Is Gabby just not cut out for the big time, or is someone determined to get her off the race track permanently?


Note: All the novellas in the ROAD TO ROMANCE series can be read as stand-alone; however, characters from each do appear in the others’ stories.

"Wow! What an amazing story! I could not put this book down!"
~ Tracy
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