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Ranger's Destiny (Army Ranger Series #1)

Commitment-phobic Army Ranger Cory Foster is unprepared for his little sister’s emergency—and his reaction to Doctor Maddy Wright—while his buddy and quintessential “nice guy” Chase Richards is in danger of violating the Bro Code when he’s tasked with looking after Ella…

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Wounded bodies, wounded hearts…


U.S. Army Ranger Cory Foster may be a battle-hardened warrior who enjoys playing the field with all the ladies, but nothing in his Army training prepared him for his little sister’s unexpected pregnancy or its tragic consequences. But his sister isn’t the only woman who blindsides the commitment-phobic soldier.


Doctor Madeline Wright has good reasons for not trusting military men. But when Cory needs her help, which will win: her aversion to soldiers or her compassion? Cory is accustomed to being in command on the battlefield. But is Maddy willing to let him take command of her heart?


His best friend’s sister…


Ella Foster keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. Even her adored big brother couldn’t fill the empty places inside her. Maybe that’s why she gave her heart to a dirtbag who knocked her up and dumped her. His abandonment hadn’t hurt half as much as the miscarriage that followed. What she really needs is a man like Chase Richards. But her brother’s best friend is so far out of her league, why would he want someone like her?


The Bro Code says you shouldn’t fall in love with your best friend’s kid sister. But the Bro Code never anticipated a woman like Ella. When Cory asks him to watch over his little sister, Chase is determined to do the right thing. He may be the quintessential nice guy, but even nice guys have their limits. Chase knows what to do on the battlefield. But how can he battle his heart when it comes to the woman who’s heated up his dreams for years?


Note: RANGER’S DESTINY is a romance with a happily-for-now ending. The characters’ stories continue in RANGER'S SACRIFICE.

The Army Ranger Series: Addictive Military Romance (book trailer)

The Army Ranger Series: Addictive Military Romance (book trailer)

These U.S. Army Rangers fought for their country. Are they willing to fight for the women they love? Cory Foster and Chase Richards have been friends since Army basic training. They went through hell together in Ranger school—and a different kind of hell during their tour in the Middle East. They’re at the top of their game. They’ve seen it all. They know it all. Then two women show them they still have a lot to learn—and that the most dangerous battlefield is the one in their hearts. Meet Cory Foster: Always in control, this U.S. Army Ranger likes women in his bed but out of his heart—until he’s blindsided by love. But can he convince Maddy it’s worth the effort to keep their love alive? Get to know Maddy Wright: An E.R. doctor who swore she’d never be romantically involved with a soldier—and now finds herself pregnant by one. Struggle with U.S. Army Ranger Chase Richards: As he agonizes over his love for an unattainable woman, and then for the loss of his comrades—and more. Cheer on Ella Foster: As she sheds her victim status and becomes the woman she was meant to be—and, perhaps, the woman Chase badly needs. Join these characters you’ll grow to love as they fight their way through war, romance, injury and loss! *********************************************** THE BOOKS: RANGER’S DESTINY (Book 1) RANGER’S SACRIFICE (Book 2) RANGER’S HONOR (Book 3) *********************************************** What readers are saying: “This series has left me speechless and in awe.” “Oh my goodness! Crazy good! Just wow, already.” *********************************************** Complete Collection: Buy direct:
"WOW! this book was amazing and well written! it was packed full of action and plays with all your emotions. Totally hot!"
~ Olivia
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