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Rumble (Road to Romance #4)

When reformed bad-boy Lazarus agrees to help single-mom Nora, will he inadvertently put her in danger? Can she restore his faith in people… and love?


A bad boy biker turned good…

Lazarus “Laz” Lowenstein, owner of Dream Machines Custom Shop, isn’t the long-haired, hard-ass biker he’d been in his youth, but he has good reason to keep his past to himself. When he’s asked to help with a story on the Rebel Run motorcycle rally, he finds himself perilously close to the life he left behind—and to fledgling reporter, Nora Carlton. 


More than just a good girl…

Single mom Nora Carlton is determined to make a name for herself in her first ‘real’ job as an online journalist. Documenting her own transformation from ‘mousy mom’ to ‘sexy biker chick’ is the perfect opportunity, even if she’s never been on a motorcycle in her life. In spite of his tattoos and piercings—and the secrets she suspects he’s keeping—Laz makes her feel safe.


Dangerous desires…

They may be pretending to be a couple for the rally, but fake kisses turn into real desires. A bad boy like Laz has no business thinking about a future with a good girl like Nora. Helping her research a story is one thing; exploring his desire for her is a definite no-no. When the violence in Laz’s past spills into the present, can Nora restore his faith in people… and love?


Note: All the novellas in the ROAD TO ROMANCE series can be read as stand-alone; however, characters from each do appear in the others’ stories.

"Cramer-Kelly does an exceptional job of allowing her readers to get to know her realistic yet flawed characters while at the same time creating a sexual tension (along with all of the other plot-related tensions)."
~ Bobbi
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