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Dances with Fire (Reno in Flames #2)

He’s a military veteran plagued by nightmares. Her dance studio went up in smoke (along with her dreams). Can a fiery dance bring them together?

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Haunted by memories…

Firefighter Spencer Finley battles fires by day, but the military veteran’s nights are plagued by nightmares of his Army job. So many bodies, so much destruction. He’s passionate about his work, but pulling a dance teacher and her dog out of the smoke sparks a new kind of fire in his heart.

Burning desire…

Brooklyn D’Angelo is gambling everything she has on her dream of owning a successful dance studio. She didn’t leave the sexual harassment of the New York dance scene just to lose everything to a fire. When Spencer offers to help her salvage the studio—and the show that could make or break it—they discover Spencer’s unusual gift for dance. And with every touch and every step she teaches him, the heat builds.

Facing the music…

When Spencer asks Brook to choreograph the story of his life—a dance of fire and flames that will force him to confront his demons—she can’t say no. But when a former Army buddy has a crisis, will Spencer honor an oath to his friend, or keep his commitment to Brook? They’ve been dancing around their feelings for each other. Do they have the courage to extinguish the past and face the future together?

Inspired by real-life dancer/veterans.

"The way you wrote Dances with Fire brought tears to my eyes. So vivid and gut wrenchingly beautiful."
~ Amazon Reviewer
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