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Fire Resistant (Reno in Flames #5)

He’s gotten every woman he wants—except her. She refuses to be distracted by the sexy firefighter assigned to her crew. But when danger comes calling, how long can she resist the heat?

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He’s in trouble…

When his inner demons get to be too much, Nevada firefighter Desmond “Dez” Andrews drowns out his tragic past with alcohol and one-night-stands. Yes, he was speeding in his red Tesla convertible, but the drugs the cops found weren’t his. That doesn’t stop him from being suspended from work until he completes community service at Stillwater National Refuge. He just has to get through four weeks in the backcountry with a crew of young adults and the stunning, strawberry-blonde ecologist leading them—a woman who seems completely immune to the charm, hard body, and Hispanic good looks that usually get him any woman he wants. 


Her fantasy in the flesh…

Park Service employee Hazel Gerard can’t believe she’s been assigned to work with Mr. April from her Nevada Firefighter calendar. The same man who’s been staring at her from her refrigerator for three months. There's no denying the heat between them, but she's his temporary boss. Plus, he's keeping secrets from her; he’s utterly terrified of helicopters and has more money than a firefighter should. As they grow closer, how long can she resist the fire?


Can’t resist the heat…

Dez has always been a playboy. If he doesn’t let anyone close, he can’t lose them. But it's the dry season and more than one kind of spark ignites into flames, threatening their lives and their slow-burn romance. Can Hazel help Dez sweep away the ashes of his past and embrace true love? 

Absolutely amazing read. Caught my attention from the first chapter. Highly addictive storyline. Fantastic characters. – Lisa P.
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