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Ranger's Honor (Army Ranger Series #3)

In the awe-inspiring climax to the Army Ranger series, Chase struggles to adjust to being an amputee, while Cory’s war wounds are not as visible (but no less crippling)…

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Hanging on… 


U.S Army Ranger Cory Foster has seen too much. Lost too many friends. It’s left him numb, but not numb enough. He feels alive in Maddy’s arms, but is he man enough to surrender to her fully? All he’s ever wanted was to be a Ranger, but events on his latest deployment dredge up past horrors that he can’t seem to tuck away. Rangers can’t afford panic attacks and nightmares. Is the life he loves coming to an end?  


E.R. Doctor Maddy Wright never wanted a soldier in her life, but her love for Cory and impending motherhood has changed her mind. She knows Cory loves her, but there’s a part of him he keeps locked away from her. If she can’t find the key to helping him release his inner demons, she may lose him. Twenty-two veterans give up on life every day. Maddy can’t let Cory become one of them.


In love and war… 


The road to romance has never been easy for U.S. Army Ranger Chase Richards. Battles leave scars, and sometimes folks lose things that can never be replaced. Their limbs. Their love. Their faith. With the loss of his leg, how can Chase ever again be man enough for Ella? Pushing her out of his life seems like the only option.


Ella Foster has been fighting battles of her own, but how long can she keep fighting for a man who’s determined to reject her love? As she explores a new way to strengthen her own body and spirit, can Ella find a way to drag Chase out of his pity party and back to the life and love she’s offering him?


Finding the way… 


When tragedy strikes, the world of these Rangers and the women who love them will be changed forever. Will the ties of love, family, and honor that bind them together be a trap, or lead them to triumph?


NOTE: This book is a continuation of Cory and Chase's story from RANGER'S SACRIFICE. It can be read as a standalone (all major themes are addressed and resolved during the course of the book), but you may enjoy it more if you read RANGER'S DESTINY and RANGER'S SACRIFICE first.

"Not many books, or authors - especially today's romance - are able to draw you into the books like Ms. Cramer-Kelly."
~ Kym
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