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Mercury Falling (Road to Romance #1)

Waking up in Lucy's E.R. might be the best thing that ever happened to this former foster kid. But can he leave the club life behind?

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Tough on the outside…

Growing up in the Mercy Home for Boys, Kerry “Mercury” Dawson never had it easy. The biker club he joined as a teen may have lived life on the dangerous side, but they were the first “family” Kerry ever had. Then he found a new purpose in life: working as a custom motorcycle builder for Dream Machines Customs. Still, the club is a big part of his life—until the day he crashes a motorcycle he wasn’t supposed to be riding.


A softer, secret inside…

Nothing in emergency room nurse Lucy MacIntyre’s sheltered life has prepared her for someone like Kerry. He’s more than just a biker to her, a belief confirmed when she shows up at his home and discovers his beautiful paintings—a passion he’s hidden from others. How can she convince him to stop risking his life and see himself the way she sees him?


The past won’t let go…

Maybe there’s more to life than what happens on the street. But quitting the club won’t be easy. When the club entangles him in a dangerous scheme, Kerry may find his future destroyed unless he can figure out a way to finally escape his past.


Note: All the novellas in the ROAD TO ROMANCE series can be read as stand-alone; however, characters from each do appear in the others’ stories.

"An action packed, fast paced, hard hitting, pulse racing, heart pounding, page turning bombshell that keeps you riveted to every word!"
~ Kaye
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