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Accidental Rockstar (Lawson Family #3)

Danielle doesn’t want the job babysitting the ‘spoiled’ rock star. Ben’s not thrilled with the arrangement either—but he’ll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. It’s just business… until it’s not.

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One last chance…

The only place rock star Benjamin Lawson really feels at home is on stage. Offstage, his life is another story. Resisting the temptation of the bottle is a constant struggle, even though his drinking left a trail of destruction behind him. He’s not thrilled to be saddled with a keeper, but having someone to help him stay on the straight and narrow may be his last chance, not only to atone for his past, but to keep his visitation rights to the only person who matters: his daughter.


It’s just a job…

The last thing video producer Danielle de Luca wants is to babysit a spoiled rock star. But with work in Hollywood hard to come by, and family debts to pay off, she reluctantly accepts the personal assistant job. All she has to do is keep the Rick Springfield look-alike out of trouble and off the booze. Everything should be fine as long as she keeps the relationship strictly business—not so easy when Ben is sex personified every time he picks up a guitar.


Home is where the heart is…

Ben’s a lover, not a fighter, and women are almost as good a distraction as alcohol. But when an overzealous fan goes too far, can Ben open his heart to Danielle’s help? As she struggles to hide the shocking truth about her own family, can Danielle help Ben discover that his true home isn’t when he’s rockin’ it on the stage, but when he’s in the arms of those who truly love him for himself?


*** Includes BONUS: Ben’s Performance Play List! ***

"I found myself lost in the pages and couldn’t stop reading till I finished."
~ Dawn
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