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Protecting His Heart (Lawson Family #2)

Ian escaped his past—or so he thinks. Rachel doesn’t dare accept help from the handsome cop. He vows to protect her, but at what cost to his own heart?

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From a tragic past…

Police officer Ian McCleary knows from personal experience what abuse looks like. Thanks to his best friend’s family, he managed to escape his childhood—and the small town he grew up in. Now he’s back to protect and serve those who knew him as a kid. That’s all the more reason to stick to business and toe the professional line—even as his growing attraction to Rachel tempts him to cross it.


To a dangerous present...

Rachel gave up her dream of becoming a nurse, but she still craves marriage and a family with all her heart. Josh seemed like the answer—but now she’s hiding a secret that could destroy those hopes, too. She doesn’t dare accept help from anyone, not even the handsome police officer who steps in to help her. But Ian’s kindness makes her feel things she can’t ignore…


Can they create a new future?

When Ian’s past shows up on his doorstep, his world is thrown into chaos. He’s determined to protect those he loves, but can he protect his own heart? Does Rachel have the courage to leave Josh? Can she convince Ian to let down his walls and forge a new future together?

"Oh how I loved this story!
I was completely hooked from the very beginning."
~ Katie
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