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True Surrender: a Military Romance

He chose the military over her once before. Now he’s injured and needs her help. But it’s not just her heart on the line this time…

True Surrender - Heart and Soul.jpg

Her heart was broken…

Widowed mother and prosthetics designer Holly Rossiter jumped at the chance to work at Holbrook Military Medical Center in California. Helping amputees put their lives back together was both heartbreaking and magical. But when her newest patient is the man who once broke her heart, she must confront their past and his uncertain future.

His body was broken…

His rescue from Afghanistan terrorists offered Major Aaron Bricewick a second chance at life. But what will he do with that life if the loss of his leg derails his military career aspirations? He’s done battle before, but this time it’s personal, as he’s forced to face his internal demons and his feelings for the woman he left behind.

Can love mend them both?

When Aaron uncovers secrets from the past, it sends him on a hunt for the truth of what happened in Afghanistan and puts their budding romance at a crossroads. He chose the military over Holly once before, and this time it’s not just her heart on the line. When violence touches his life again, will Aaron choose his duty to the military, or will he surrender to a life—and love—he never thought he could have?

"Mere words cannot express how impressed I am with TRUE SURRENDER."
~ Suzie
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