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Book Royalties Donated to Veteran's Organization

As a former Army combat medic and civilian EMT, soldiers and their families are near and dear to my heart.

Every year, in honor of Veteran’s Day and all our soldiers and their families, I choose a veteran-focused charity to which I donate a percentage of all my book sales (usually more) during the month of November.

This applies to all my books, although if you are a military romance fan, you may especially enjoy DANCES WITH FIRE, TRUE SURRENDER, and the ARMY RANGER SERIES.

This year, I’m renewing my support of The Fallen Heroes Fund, a charity that has funded the building of NINE Intrepid Spirit Centers across the U.S., including the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas.

Like other Spirit Centers, the CFI was built as a collaboration between government and civilian (much like the fictional Medical Center in True Surrender). In fact, over 600,000 Americans contributed financially to make the CFI a reality.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to tour ‘the place where amputees get their groove back’ shortly after it opened its doors.

Highlights for me included the wave pool (think surfboarding indoors) and the CAREN, which is an amazing virtual reality simulator. And I was awed by the number of adaptive sports (including riding rodeo!) the amputees can partake in.

I was especially gratified to find that my fictional account of Aaron’s gait analysis in True Surrender (based on internet research) was on target.

Click here for information about the Fallen Heroes Fund. For a complete overview of the Center for the Intrepid, watch this video.

Remember: When you purchase any of my books throughout November, you not only get a great story, but you help veterans, too! So check out my books and get reading!


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