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Book Sales to Benefit Veterans

As a former Army combat medic and civilian EMT, soldiers and their families are near and dear to my heart.

Every year at this time, in honor of Veteran’s Day and all our soldiers and their families, I choose a veteran-focused charity to which I donate a percentage of all my book sales (usually more) during the month of November.

(This applies to all my books, although if you are a military romance fan, you may especially enjoy TRUE SURRENDER or the ARMY RANGER SERIES).

This year I’ve chosen to support 23rd Veteran, whose mission is to provide happier, healthier lives for veterans living with trauma.

The organization's 14-week Reconditioning program (dubbed 23V Recon) consists of a one-week outdoor wellness adventure followed by crossfit & positive psychology 3 times a week, along with classes on trigger association. See the documentary here!

I became aware of this organization, which is based in Duluth, MN (about two hours north of where I live) when I happened to cross paths with one of their Nearly Naked Ruck Marches earlier this year.

I'm not personally in shape to do this 10-mile hike (especially not with a 45-pound ruck sack on my shoulders!) but this is a way I can contribute -- and so can YOU!

When you purchase any of my books throughout November, you not only get a great story, but you help veterans, too! So check out my books and get reading!


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