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Let Me Love You

He chose the military over her once before. Now he’s injured and needs her help. But it’s not just her heart on the line this time…

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Hollywood movie director and single mom Gina Devereaux is firmly on the path to making her dreams come true. Her daughters, her career, and her beloved baby-blue Harley Softail are all she needs. She’s never going to let another actor steal her heart. Even if the star of her latest movie does have the most gorgeous blue-green eyes. Besides, he’s way too young for her.

All he needs are bright lights…

After rising Hollywood star Zac Davies’ parents are murdered, he finds comfort in acting, stepping into make-believe lives to escape his own. But brutal reality catches up to him in the form of a crazy stalker, and he finds himself convalescing in his director’s home, far from the harsh glare of the paparazzi.

Love wasn’t in the script

Gina’s generosity gives Zac more than a temporary safe haven; it gives him a glimpse of what life could be. But they can’t stay hidden away forever. Will their fragile new feelings for each other survive the media frenzy when they return to the set? Will Zac choose bright lights and fame over love? With his stalker still out there, he may not live long enough to decide.

"Great character development in this wonderful friends-to-lovers story, with the added benefit of an interesting age difference that makes the book all the more complex and compelling."
~ Margreet
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